The Awarded Firefox now in its version 2 is but fast, but surely, and completely personalizeable. Antiphishing (antifraud) to the already existing ones against spy programs, emergent virus and windows has been added to him to new and powerful characteristics like for example a protection. 

1. Free and It Frees: Firefox not only is free, but that is free. They are hundreds of people who work daily in voluntary form to maintain it optimal, making it at the moment the most powerful navigator of Internet according to many experts.

2. More Insurance: With Firefox there is less virus, less emergent windows (pop-ups) and less falling.

3. More Freedom: Firefox runs in all the computers and in all the operating systems, they are Windows, MacOS or GNU/Linux.

Firefox allows him to sail faster Internet, more surely and more indeed than any other navigator. To change is easy, Firefox lets to him use its favorites, preferences and any other previous information. They are more than 200 million people who use it.