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The Dialers is programs that settle in the computer and that, they call to numbers of additional tariffs  without the user knows it.  Usually they settle by means of a feasible file (.exe) or by means of the unloading of a control  ActiveX. 

Effects: Increase of the amount to pay in the telephone invoice. 

Antidote: Use of antimarking programs  (antidialers). In many cases also they are detected  by the Antiespias and antivirus.  If it is not going to make calls to numbers of tarifarios additional  (800, 803, 804, ...), it asks for to your operator of telephony the disconnection of these numbers. It affects a:  The users who connect themselves to Internet through Basic a Wire net  (RTB) o or Digital Network of Integrated Services  (RDSI). To the ADSL users, it will not increase the invoice to pay to them, but it can cause that its computer goes slower 

Symptoms of an illegal marker 

How to be able to give account us if we have ' dialer' installed in our computer?  First it is to listen to the noises of its modem. At the time of connecting to us,  we always heard the bearing tone.  Watch that its equipment does not become disconnected and later it wishes to mark,  but to a different number. Examine if a new icon of " telephone access to networks " does not exist.  Of being thus,  review the number that it has programmed,
and it verifies that its number of access to Internet has not been modified. 

On the calls by Internet 

Now which most of users they have a connection ADSL, these Dialers no longer has much danger, since the connection by ADSL is direct through a concentrator or to router,  it is with no need to say to use the telephone.  It is so the telephony by PC has become,  lately,  an economic form, safe and clear to communicate to us. 


There are some navigators of Internet whom they avoid that these dialers they settle or they autoejecuten in the computer, as they are Firefox or Operates. 


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