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Know like using its Gmail mail with more than 2.500 MB of space, as virtual hard disk, totally free and accessible from any point of the planet, single it needs to have a computer with access to Internet. 

Make the indications: 

1. It must have an account of Gmail. It can gratuitously request it from here

2. Download and to install the program "Drive shell extension" from this link

3. Soon of a brief installation, immediately later it will appear a "Disk" adicional within my "PC" with the name "Gmail Drive" as one is: 

4. When giving double click on this disc it will appear a window  where his user will have to enter and password Gmail, soon to give "Enter"or click in "OK" .

4. And ready. It will have a "Virtual Disk" accessible from any computer  connected to Internet, with which it will be able to store 2702 MB .


  • The archives to transfer they do not have to weigh but of 10 MB each one,  it is to say if it has a file of 30 MB, it must divide it in 3 with hacha (or similar),  already weighing each one 10 MB, can transfer it one by one 
  • This shell that allows to use Gmail as virtual hard disk,  it is not official of  "Gmail - Google".
  • Within the single disc their files will be able to be seen, but not its post office, for that between by means of Web  
  • The archives to transfer must not have a very long name nor special characters. 
















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