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SPEED TEST (Velocity)

The speed is one of the factors key in the technology of access to Internet, it is for that reason that is important to know in detail which are the factors that it influences in her  The speed of access does not depend exclusively on the terminal velocity that the modem or router allows to work, but also of the speed of its computer. Remember that while the computer makes but processes  the access to Internet " will seem " but slow, since the processor to work slowly but. 

Information of its connection 
Type Velocity
Your time: The downloading of 50Kbytes has been made in seg. 
Your velocity:
28.8 Modem
33.6 Modem
56K Modem
384K DSL
768K DSL
1.5Mb Cable/DSL


Important: The new Firefox 2.0, navigator who protects it against spies, virus and popups while this in Internet, now in its new much more versatile version, more surely, more fast and with a antipishing (antifraud) incorporated. Greater information ..


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