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The Hoaxs (joke or deceit), they are messages with false alarms of virus, or of any other type of alert or chain  (even shared in common, or that involves our own health), or of some type of denunciation, distributed by electronic mail, its common denominator, it is to request to him distributes them "to the greater possible amount  of well-known".

These alarms, usually they are TOTALLY FALSE, or based on erroneous facts, but what is worse they activate a type of  "contamination" very different, propagate hundreds and up to thousands of warning messages on such. And still in the case of denunciations based on fact real, this form to do weakens it totally its true objective. 

This is a description of hoaxes more common that they circulate around the network. It never returns to send no of these messages. If somebody of good faith sends one to him of these alarms, avi him to it of pages like this so that it leaves its deceit and it obtains more.

Some examples:

30/05/06 - False patch of Microsoft connects to a troyano
29/05/06 - Phishing: Dear client of Banamex  (28/05/06)
23/05/06 - Phishing: Madrid box security improved for clients
25/04/06 - The assault of burundanga is false 
21/04/06 - False message of Symantec, deshabilita antivirus
18/04/06 - Hoax: Invitation (Torch Olympic) (false alert)
23/03/06 - False site that it simulates to be of the Santander Bank
22/03/06 - Hoax: "World of Cup 2006 " (false alert of virus)
17/03/06 - "Downloads this card. You do not worry about a virus"
16/03/06 - Download of troyans in false message of Microsoft
26/01/06 - False invitation to Windows Live Mail propagates troyans
21/12/05 -
False bulletin of security that unloads a troyans


Many users think that the Hoaxs : I have listened many to comment to me: "You know that to Hotmail this eliminated the accounts? "or "You do not take Cocaine Tail because a man key in its container ", etc. when one says to them that it is false, they resist to believe it. Or when they say to me"You have the repair against the Sulfnbk virus" and one says to them that it is to us virus,interpret in its face: "uhm, to this specialist him lack ", there I put myself to reflect  great influence that it has the electronic mail in the users.

It is why it is recommended not to believe in the information that receive by chain. If it has some doubt us it can consult to the mail: soporte@seguridadpc.net with subject: " technical assistance". A form to inquire into the new developments and the news of the world of computer science is to register in some bulletins. 

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