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When it notices that its computer begins to make things strange, such as to show bars of tools extra in the navigator, open windows Popup, to change without previous warning its page of beginning, it is very probable that 
its system has become infected with Spywares or the calls  "Spy programs ". These small programs can enter their computer without it notices it invading its privacy, compiling personal information without its permission, causing changes of configuration and operation in system or even harming the speed of its connection to Internet. 

¿How they enter our computer? 

When it visits some nonsafe sites of Internet these autoinstalan in their PC  (the majority in hidden form) spywares by means of some activex, javascripts or cookies, and some accompanied by some virus or trojan 

 in order to facilitate the espionage functions.another form of entrance is by means of gratuitous programs that are unloaded of Internet. 

What information can remove to us? 

They can have access for example your e-mail password, ip address, telephone, country, you paginate that you visit and of which subjects interest to you, that times this in them, that software you have installed, as download, that purchases beams by Internet and important data but as your credit card and accounts of bank.

¿Which are spywares more common? 

But known spywares they are: AdSofware, Alexa, Cydoor, Gator, Web3000, Webhancer, CoolWebSearch, BlazeFind.Bridge, Xupiter, Hotbar, among others .

¿Which are the infection symptoms? 

The 5 principal symptoms of infection are: They change us alone it paginates them of beginning, mistake and search of the mariner(browser).They open to windows popups to us by all sides, even without being connected and without having the opened navigator,  mainly of pornographic subjects. Bars of searches of sites(places) like Alexa, Hotbar, etc, that we cannot eliminate. Buttons who appear in the bar of tools of the navigator and we cannot remove them. Navigation by the network becomes every slower day. 

This tool restaurar-IE.reg it allows repaired the Internet Explorer when the beginning page cannot be changed. 


Adware (note: combination of announcement  (advertising) and software) it is an application of software that unfolds advertising announcements in Web sites  while the program is being executed. Adware always contains programs of  espionage  (spyware) in order to know by means of him, which announcements must unfold with base in the preferences of the user. 


In order to avoid that ActiveX and Javascripts get to settle automatically in our computer while we sailed in Internet (soon to fill to us of spywares and  adwares), it is recommended not to visit paginas of  "games free in line", "casinos", nor " pages XXX ",  or in any case to sail with Firefox, since this it does not have compatibility with mentioned the Activex and Javascript.

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