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A Beginning Disk it is a floppy disk  (floppy disk) that it contains those archives necessary to initiate the PC in case of problems.  Its utility in which it refers the virus computer science, it is important, since when using it to take the system, any virus disqualifies itself or malicious code that is lodged in the Masterful Sector of Starting  (MBR) of the rigid disk.This allows that those virus with capacity to become resident, they do not manage to execute itself, leaving the antivirus it has the possibility of eliminating them efficiently (Antivirus in DOS). 


Disk Manager - MAXTOR

Name:  maxblast4.exe 
Size:  1.8 MB
Version:  4.0 


MaxBlast 4 Para Windows

Name:  mxblst4win.exe
Size:  3.53 MB
Version:  4.0 


Disk Manager - QUANTUM


Name: dc952.zip
Size:  840 KB
Version:  9.52 


Name:  dmwdisk.zip
Size:  1.15 MB
Version:  9.52 


Disk Manager - SAMSUNG

Name:  DM_Creator.zip
Size:  1.58 MB
Version:  10.42 


Disk Manager - SEAGATE

Name:  dmgr956a.exe
Size:  1.13 MB
Version:  9.56 



Name:  dmpatch.exe
Size:  1.31 Kb
Version:  6.03 


Disk Manager - FUJITSU

Name:  dmdisk.exe
Size:  0.98 MB
Version:  9.52 






Important: New Firefox 2.0, navigator who protects it against  spies, virus and popups while this in Internet, now in its new much more versatile version, but surely, but fast and with antipishing  (antifraud)  incorporated.  Greater information. 


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