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They are, for years, the greater threat for the computer science systems and  it is one of the main causes of economic losses in the companies and  homemade users. It must be clear that they are 
programs and therefore they have been created by people with knowledge of some programming languages, as for example:  C++, Visual Basic, Assembler, among others. These languages are only an interpreter between the programmer and the computer, at the most we pruned to communicate to us with the machine, better it will understand to us,  and more complex actions we will be able to order to him that it does. Like for all action  there is a reaction is here where they are born the famous ones antivirus, that they are also programs,  but in this occasion  instead of conducting a harmful battle, they are in charge to find to these programs  “malicious ” and come a disqualify them  and/or eliminate them. It is possible to stand out that a antivirus does not exist  100% cash.
since to newspaper hundreds of thousands of virus are created  in the world between trojans (they deceive the user to be executed), worms (main function: to reproduce, saturate the PC and informatics networks), backdoors (they steal information of your victims and enter by means of deficiencies(faults) of the operating system), among others. 


As all realize the computer was created a “similarity”of  to be human it is to say while  a person has brain the computer has CPU  (Central unit of process), while a person has memory,  the PC has  RAM, among others. Thus also the virus computer science is created  to similarity of the virus of a human being: 

1. Capacity to reproduce automatically :

In the human being a virus one reproduces in our organism in surprising form,  infecting or mutando to the good cells of our organism, with the purpose of becoming but hard or reproducing quickly. In the Computer, for example a virus type "Worm" (W32) it creates hundreds or thousands of copies of if same in the hard disk. It infects to the archives of the operating system or  they are mutan with them (they copy part of its code) so that whenever the operating system executes them, the computer becomes infected automatically.

2. Migrate towards other elements :

In the human being it is transported by means of the air, cleanliness equipment, in order to invade other organisms  (persons). In the Computer:It infects diskettes, CDs, the network, etc in order to infect other computers.

3. Resistance to vaccines :

In the human being as it has been said already  they are mutan with other cells of our organism or they change its cellular code constantly (like the virus of VIH) in order to confuse to our defenses or vaccines.  In the Computer: Memory resident  in order to avoid to be eliminated by the antivirus or it is encapsulated to deceive them. 

4. Destruction or harmful action : In the human being it can cause partial collapse or  total of our functions or in worse of the cases the death. In the Computer: Elimination of data, information robbery or in the worse one of the cases burned of the CPU.


An erroneous myth in the users exists who are: the companies antivirus create the virus, then this can be described like one true lie, it is to say any company antivirus has personnel enabled like creating them, but this would be a serious offense  that it is suffered by the law and it would go against the principles of these companies and of its personnel,  it is because a particular clinic created virus to have but ill,  ¿would exist so clinical ?

¿Why the programmers create virus? 

This is the question that becomes almost all the users, "¿they who win making virus?", everything is not absolutely clear, some virus is created by the technological challenge create a threat that is unique, nondetectable, or simply devastating for a possible victim. Nevertheless, he is debatable that most of the people creates virus by vanity, the creative hope that the virus propagates in such a way that it makes it famous (although single to his Nick, since obvious it cannot reveal its true name : for example "Created by  xXXx"). Other experts say "they want to develop their creativity of programming" putting a label to them of  "investigation" to its creations. 

¿How they are transmitted? 

The main means of transport are :

  • Diskettes or another removible storage media .

  • Computer science networks (PC with infected virus to another one inside a network ).

  • Messages of electronic mail  (with annexed archives).

  • Lowered Software of Internet.

  • Visiting certain pages Web  (xxx, games on line, etc).

  • Among others.


¿How if my computer this with virus? 

Many virus announces with certain sounds, messages, etc, others are hidden of the user  in order to facilitate its reproduction and infection in the network. Between the main symptoms we have: 

  • Retardations when loading a program .

  • Slower operation of the system. 

  • Defective hard disk sectors and/or removibles. 

  • Unusual messages of error. 

  • Strange activity in the screen. 

  • Strange sounds. 

  • Changes in the characteristics of the programs 

  • Among others. 

It is possible to mention that some software nonmalicious they can cause some of these characteristics involuntarily, because of being badly programmed. 

¿That damages can cause? 

The damages caused by the virus are varied, they go from the burned one of the hard disk and the board until one it bothers publicity. We have classified them of the following way: 


  • Modification, elimination of programs and archives .

  • Cause that the system works slowly but. 

  • Robbery of confidential information. 

  • Saturation of a network 

  • End the free space of the hard disk .


  • Erasure of  BIOS (general configuration of the PC )

  • Burned of the processor by false information of the temperature censor. 

  • Breakage of the rigid disk when doing to read repeatedly it. 

  • Among others

¿How to come up to us? 

It is recommendable to have : 1 antivirus, 1 antispy, 1 firewall (optional), and the Patches of  Microsoft Corp. The antivirus it will eliminate the virus, the  antispy the spy (spywares), the firewall avoided the exit or the entrance of any application or malicious file, the Patches of Microsoft that it will repair the errors that it has Windows, this is very crucial since if not parcha its operating system,  although it has installed all the antivirus of the market, the system can run risk of becoming infected. 

"¿Of which it is worth to protect the fore doors of a house with the best watchmen and guardians if the open windows are had wide?. The virus is a thief who enters the dark at night his house  or it calls to account and where the antivirus is the guardian, the firewall is the door, the patches are the windows". If You it wants to stay safe must close well the "Door", to have the best one  "Guardian " and to close all  "Windows".


The greater catastrophe than can cause a virus in a company, is the  lost, alteration, elimination of data (information), many of these are lost million dollars because of this reason. 






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