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1. Program SYS_KEYLOG ADVANCED in all its presentations and versions has intellectual property.If it wishes to make some consultation or suggestion on the same one it writes to the mail: soporte@sys-keylog.com. Greater information of the product visits the Web:  http://en.sys-keylog.com

2. All the other programs, softwares,  feasible or applications published here have" Gratuitous License "  (Freeeware) o " Evaluativa License " (Demos of 30, 15 days, etc.),  which are directly unloaded from the Web of the author or authorized Web.  No of these archives is lodged in our Servants. 

SEGURIDADPC.NET one does not take responsibility of any damage that these can cause.If it wishes to make some consultation or reclamation on such,  please it writes to the company or propietary person, owner of the rights (click on I title of each program: it took it Web to the official). 

3. Any consultation or suggestion writes a:  webmaster@sys-keylog.com

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