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All those that we have a direction of electronic mail received to newspaper several advertising messages that we did not solicit on things that do not interest to us.  At the moment,  one calculates that between 60% and 80% of mails (several thousands of million of mails per day) that they are sent are not solicitd, that is to say, spam 

Generally, the directions are robbed,  bought,  collected in the Web or seizures of mail chains. This people clarify,  with great dignity, that copy nor does not sell software. Also they put in its messages  (that by the way they are Spam because I did not ask for them)  "all our bases count on real addresses and active ".

Although spammers are some that sends only a message to you,  also there are many bomb to you every week  with the same message with attached archives on the necessity to filter the water of the shower  with an analysis of several pages, that nobody read
Anyway, if each person who opens to a page Web is going to you to send a mail, 
the electronic mail would be absolutely unsuitable. 

It does not go to me either that they send a message to me in format HTML promoting a new service of distribution of videos, exclusive for the city of Buenos Aires, when I live to thousands on km of distance. This, besides to offer a negative image on the company that sends the Spam,  it shows the little utility of the bought data bases. 

In addition, most of the times if one answers the mail requesting to be removed of the list, the only thing that does is to confirm that its direction exists.  Therefore, he is advisable to never respond to a message nonasked for. 

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