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(of English to exploit, to explode) it is the name with which a malicious computer science program is identified,  or it leaves from the program, that it tries to force some deficiency or  vulnerability of another program.  

The aim can be the destruction or incapacitation of the attacked system, although normally one is to violate the safety measures in order to be able to accede to the same one of nonauthorized form and  use it in own benefit  or as origin of other attacks to third. 

Xploits can be characterized according to categories of used vulnerabilities: 

Vulnerabilities of buffer underflow 
Vulnerabilities of condition of race 
Vulnerabilities of error of chain format 
Vulnerabilities of Cross Site Scripting XSS
Vulnerabilities of Injection SQL 
Vulnerabilities of Injection of Characters  CRLF
Vulnerabilities of refusal of the service 
Vulnerabilities of Multiple injection HTML  Multiple HTML Injection
Vulnerabilities of deceptive windows or mistificación of windows  Window Spoofing


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