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Next, we presented/displayed one  a brief description and  a series of manual of installation of the operating system Windows in its versions more known. Consider that stops to come with an installation must have knowledge basic - advanced of operating systems and to count on  following tools:

1. Boot Disk, can find them here
2. Installation CD (Windows)
3. Trigger star, in case it is necessary to install a device (Reader, etc).

Windows NT 4.0 it was the fourth version of the operating system of Microsoft Windows NT, sent in 1996. It is a system Windows of 32-bit available for workstations and versions for servers with a graphical interface similar to Windows 95. Letters NT come from the designation of the product like "New Technology" (New Technology) according to Bill Gates, but never it had a special meaning more.
Whereas it offered greater stability than Windows 95, it was less flexible from the perspective of a desktop computer. A lot of the stability it was obtained thanks to the virtualizaciˇn of the Hardware and having applications that acceded to the system through the APIs instead of using directly the hardware like became in MS-DOS, a practice that continued with Windows 95.

  • Guide installation Windows NT  here

Windows 98 This Operating system of Microsoft,  successor of Windows 95 it offered a greater quality at the time of using the computer, including an improved yield of the system and a simpler maintenance through several built-in programs. During both years and means from the Windows 95 launching, Microsoft had received a great amount of suggestions andcomplaints of their users and had worked to incorporate and to innovate much being based on their ideas. Windows 98 incorporated more than 3,000 improvements with respect to Windows 95 that they significantly increase the yield of the computer and they provide with one better experience the user.

  • Guide installation Windows 98 here
  • Reinstall Windows 98 without losing the information  here

Windows ME  (Windows Millennium) it is the average part between Windows 98 and XP, it is why it shares similarities, it is to say the simplicity on 98 and attempts of XP security like "Recovering System". A graphical operating system of sent 32-bit the 14 of Setember of  2000 by Microsoft Corporation.
Mainly it is made up of relatively small updates, as Internet Explorer 5.5. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of the means reproducer  Windows Media Player 7, which was thought to compete with RealPlayer, the dominant means reproducer at that moment. Anyway, Internet Explorer 5.5 and Windows Media Player 7
they can gratuitously be unloaded of Internet.

  • Guide installation Windows ME (Millenium) here
  • Reinstall Windows ME without losing the information here

Windows 2000 One is based on technologies of security and users, it would be possible to be said that he is one of the safe systems but at the moment,being in the server version, the most described as all of them. It was put in circulation in year 2000 with a change of nomenclature for its system NT. Thus, Windows NT 5.0 
This operating system introduced some modifications with respect to its predecessors, like the file system NTFS 5, the capacity to base and to compress archives.It also introduced the improvements in the system of components COM, introducing COM+ that it unified in a single package of integrated services, the technology COM and MTS of Windows NT4, with new advantages. This system was the first attempt of Microsoft to join its version  MS-DOS (Windows 95, 98, ME) and the NT (3.51, 4)although the definitive fusion would arrive with Windows XP. This version has been much successful in companies, that still today they use it, but between the users of homes it was not much successful.

  • Guide installation Windows 2000 here

Windows XP In its installation it will allow to recognize automatically almost all the devices that it has its PC, it is to say is no necessity to have drivers of the card of sound, video, network (except for some exceptions) since they will be recognized and installed in automatic form with the installation.
It is an operating system that was made the 25 public of October of 2001 by Microsoft. It is considered that they are in the market 400 million copies working. Letters " XP " come from the word experience  ("experience" in English). Windows XP it is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft, this oriented to any computer science surroundings, including computers domestic servants or businesses, portable computers and average center. Windows XP is the successor of Windows 2000 and Windows ME, it is the first operating system of oriented Microsoft to the consumer who is constructed with a nucleus and architecture of  Windows NT.

  • Guide installation Windows XP Home y Professional here
  • Reinstall Windows XP without losing the information  here 

Windows 2003 It is the version of Windows for servers sent by Microsoft in year 2003. It is based on the nucleus of Windows XP, to that a series of services has been added to him, and some characteristics have been blocked him (in order to improve the yield, or simply because they will not be used). In general terms, Windows Server 2003 it is  Windows XP simplified, not with less functions, but that you are they are not qualified by defect to obtain the best one yield and to center the use of processor in the server characteristics. 

Guide installation Windows 2003 here

Nevertheless, in Internet they exist multitude of guides for "transform" to Windows Server 2003 in Windows XP, for domestic use.






















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