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The 10 safety ruleses for the protection of its computer, without putting it to this unstable nor slow one:

1. Install best antivirus software and reliable: Updating it daily or whenever there were updates available. These must have vaccines on time real (avoided the access or interactive execution of the virus) and heuristic protections.

2. Use an operating system surely : Practically all the virus must like objective attack the operating systems of Microsoft, being the used ones by the great majority of the users, the versions of Windows designed for the domestic market  (95/98/Me) they are specially vulnerable, reason why it is recommended to use  those that have management of users, permissions, security, etc., as Linux and certain versions of Windows like NT/2000/XP.

3. Avoid to install nonreliable programs : It does not unload programs of which it is not known and it does not know if they are safe, mainly the denominated ones Freeware (gratuitous programs). Also it avoids to use programs P2P, (program of musical download, videos, etc.)as Kazaa, Morpheus, eMule, among others.

4. Execute Windows Update: It is a tool that helps to parchar its operating system in order to maintain protected it, with the purpose of avoiding virus attacks. It can download these complements free and cause that Update Windows installs them automatically, from the following page  www.windowsupdate.com, in some operating systems like Windows XP the updates are automatic, previous configuration of the center of security in the Control Panel. 

5. It does not open the attached archives of electronic mails: It assures that its program does not download the attached archives automatically (mainly messages in ingles), in order to assure that you can examine and analyze them before executing them. If he is not safe on a file, eliminates east file.

6. Nonstarting from a floppy disk: It is the method common to transmit the virus in MBR (Master Boot Récord). Retire any floppy disk when it reinitiates the computer or  single it inserts when it requires it. 

7. Put passwords to its computer : As much establish passwords for the access to the operating system like a its shared folders, and of preference that these are with special characters (example: R3nz0, Pctov4r, etc.), and of it limits access (single reading).

8. Accede to the system with restricted permissions (not like administrator), for works, you practice, etc : In order to conduct the habitual operations and the work one is due to enter the system like limited user. One is only due to enter the system with permissions of Administration, when it is strictly necessary and disconnected of any network, including of course Internet. 

9 No visite paginas hackers, XXX y no aceptes certificados de Confiabilidad: If You accept these reluctant ones or certificates are very probable that it opens the " doors " of its computer to these pages, being able to install spy programs or any other malware, in case it does not accept these certificates, the page mentioned bothered in each short while and in one of those You can accept them in accidental form. 

10. Install a program firewall (Firewall): It is a mechanism of security against attacks from the Internet. If somebody wants to attack the protected network, first it must cross the firewall ones. This way the attack is divided in two steps , and, therefore, one becomes difficult.If somebody wants to attack the network protected by more common methods, as the bombing of emails, or the ominous " Worm of Internet ", simply it will not be able to reach it. You can program them so that single she accepts or she allows applications, processes , etc., that You create insurances. 


Thus the unit without losing its information can format. We do not have to forget that between our data are the electronic mails, notebooks of contacts, important software,personal documents, etc. Normally, the clients of electronic mail and  personal information systems, like Microsoft Outlook, they offer the possibility of specifying the location of the archives where the data managed by the application are stored.














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