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1. Reinstall Windows without losing its information 

  • Reinstall Windows 98 without losing its information  Reinstall
  • Reinstall Windows Me without losing its information  Reinstall
  • Reinstall Windows XP without losing its information  Reinstall

2. Important Boot Disck

  • Boot Disk for Windows 98  (english),from here (827 KB)
  • Boot Disk for Windows Me (english) from here (801 KB)
  • All the Boot Disk you can find it  here

3. Advanced ways of Windows

  • Initiate the PC in "Safe Mode" indication
  • Initiate with "Last Known Good Configuration" indication

4. Utilitarian within Windows

5. Repair, reinstall Internet Explorer

6. "System Restore" (Restore Windows)

7. Eliminate Temps and Suspicious Programs

8. Options of Folder 











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