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Los Antivirus - seguridadpc.NET

If its computer became infected with virus, spyware and it is difficult to him to disinfect it, we recommended to him to make the following indications, for an effective elimination of these computer science parasites 

Manual Windows XP here
Tutorial Windows XP Home Edition

1. Reinitiate in "Safe Mode"

Note: If Windows does not initiate with any of these forms,  try with "the last known good configuration" (XP, 2000, 2003) information

2. Show to the extensions and hidden files

Show the extensions for the types of well-known archives: 

  • Execute the explorer of Windows or you open any folder. 
  • Click in the menu "To see" ( 9X/NT) or "Tools"  (Me/2000/XP)
  • Click in "Options " or "Options of folders". 
  • Click in the eyelash "To see". 
  • Unmark "To hide extensions for the types of well-known archives".
  • Click in "Applying " and " Accepting ". 

See the hidden files and of system : 

  • Mark "To show to all the archives and hidden folders"  (95/NT) or "To show all the archives"  (98)
  • Unmark "To hide protected archives of the operating system" (Me/2000/XP).
  • Finally click in "Applying soon" and in "Accepting". 

3. To come to the cleaning: 

  • Eliminate all the temporary archives information
  • To drain the recycling wastebasket. 
  • Uninstall the suspicious programs information
  • To execute its updated antivirus and to analyze all its PC 
  • To execute his antispyware and to analyze its PC 

4. Install a Firewall temporarily: 

It is probable that the virus wants to enter its PC again, be by its same NETWORK or Internet. For this he would be recommendable that installs a Firewall temporarily. 

5. Install the patches of Microsoft Corp: 

To install the critical patches of Microsoft Corp.  from the following connection:  http://www.windowsupdate.com/, this page will analyze its PC in line and  it will show to him what must install so that its computer this protégé. Also it can see ours the last critical patches here .

Note:This can be fast or slow depending on its connection to Internet (connection 128 KB approximately of 15 to 20 minutes). For months  Microsoft added  a validation system,  that is to say, the users who have Windows to say it somehow " Pirate " will not be able to use this service. 

Final observations 

Desinfección Efectiva - seguridadpc.NET

  • If your Network(Net) was infected, realize these procedures in each one of the computers, first disconnecting them of the NETWORK(NET) and / or Internet.
  • If after the disinfection, Windows I remain unstable (messages of mistake, slowness, etc), then one recommends to repair the system with these these indications.


1. In spite of doing all the indications does my PC follow(continue) slowly, to which this owes?

Rpta: If after the disinfection, Windows remain unstable one recommends to repair the system with these indications. If in spite of this it can be that the slowness of your system should not to virus, if not to the applications that are loading on having initiated your PC. One recommends to proceed to desinstalar the programs that less it uses or that are expired, or simply to prevent these from loading on having ignited PC with utilitarian as Autoruns.exe (484 KB) of SysInternals, it can see the manual here .

2. I have eliminated the virus of my PC but messages go out for me on having lit it, I will remain infected?

Rpta: The majority of virus they are added in the system record REGEDIT, in the file WIN.INI, or in the BEGINNING, etc, to execute only whenever we light PC. When these they are eliminated these additions they continue and the operating system always will ask for these "files", as if they were a part(report) of the system or of some program that he has installed, this does not mean that it remains infected. You can remove it manually:

* To eliminate the added in the REGEDIT go to: Click in Menu I Initiate\ execute\Regedit and enter, now enter "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/" inside to eliminate some income that refer to the message.
* To eliminate what added in the system files: 
Click in Menu I Initiate\execute\Msconfig (XP) or Sysedit (9X) and enter, To enter to the eyelash "Win.ini" and in the line "Run" to remove any reference. Realize the same thing in the eyelash "Autoexec.bat" here alone it will have to remove the strange route.

* What has been added in the folder "Beginning" of the system:
Click in Menu I Initiate\Programs\Beginning" Inside there must be no icon or application that he(she) does not know.

3. Does my antivirus always detect virus in the folder RESTORE, because I cannot eliminate it?

Rpta: Alone this happens in System operative Windows XP, ME. These have a special characteristic that is the power to recover the operating system of changes that have affected your stability (Elimination or modification of the system files for harmful software, etc). For it Windows XP and ME guard backups of the files in a secret protected directory(board of directors) and with limited access, called RESTORE.

This characteristic undoubtedly is very profitable, but it(he,she) has the problem prevent them from could to eliminate the virus who are inside this folder, Being the only(unique) way of eliminating them to disable this " PRODIGIOUS CHARACTERISTIC " ( To disable to restore system), of the following way:

To disable tool " To restore system " in Windows XP:

  • Select, "My PC", Right click "Properties".
  • Select the eyelash "To restore system ".
  • Mark the cabin "To deactivate To restore system in all the units" and pulsate in "Applying".
  • The system will ask him if he is sure of wanting to disable it. Confirm it pulsating in "IF".
  • Finally click in "Agreeing".

To disable the tool " system To restore " in Windows Me:

  • Select, "My PC", right click "Properties".
  • Click in eyelash "Tools"
  • Click in the eyelash "Performance"
  • Click on the button "System of files" in "Advanced configuration"
  • Select eyelash "Solution of problems"
  • Mark the cabin "To disable To restore system"
  • Click in the button "To "apply"
  • Click in the button "To "close" of Properties of System of files
  • Click in the button "To "close" of Properties of System
  • When one asks him if it(he,she) wants to restart the system confirm that IF.

After these actions proceed to analyze your discs with your updated antivirus and return to enable " To restore System " (Enable it again always and when sure this one that your PC is not infected).






















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